Hill Race 2017 – Winning Times

The rain and thunder held off and we had another cracking Hill Race in Abernethy. 75 of you ran up and down Castlelaw in less than 45 minutes, more than half of you were children!

This year saw the retirement of Colin Morrison as race organiser extraordinaire, although he couldn’t stay away altogether and was busy marshalling instead. Colin has spent many years (10?) organising the hill race and ensuring it’s success and deserves big thanks for his hard work and dedication. Keir Allen took on the mantle this year and did a grand job of sorting, organising, strimming, checking, shouting, awarding and all the other bits that go into running a successfull hill race. Looks like it is in very good hands for the future.

This year’s times were as follows. Well done to all who took part, and especially…..:

1st . Chris Russell. 17m 02s
2nd Stuart Pringle. 17m 15s
3rd Graham Donnachie. 19m 19s

1st Fiona Manson. 22m 12s
2nd Jill Young. 24m 55s
3rd Katrina Cadger. 25m 16s

Boys 16 & Under:
1st Kyle Maddox. 23m 43s
2nd Aaron Cole. 24m 08s
3rd Sam Donnachie. 25m 10s

Girls 16 & Under:
1st Nicola Henson. 24m 05s
2nd Rachel Stewart. 28m 05s
3rd Caitlin Fyffe. 29m 45s.

Boys 12 & Under:
1st Ruari Mair. 21m 40s
2nd Hamish McElnea. 22m 30s
3rd Dougal Baird. 22m 33s.

Girls 12 & Under:
1st. Daisy Smith. 23m 56s
2nd Amelie Fyfe. 24m 27s
3rd Skye Stewart. 26m 29s

Boys 9 & Under:
1st Spencer Simpson. 25m 15s
2nd Josh Porter. 25m 32s
3rd Kalani Anderson. 26m 10s

Girls 9 & Under:
1st Lucy Gould. 30m 36s
2nd Amelia Cunningham. 32m 10s.
3rd Caitlin Devaney. 32m 11s.

Thanks too to Jill Donnachie and Hannah Smith for acting as event photographers – you can see all the pictures of the day by clicking here.

You can find the best ever times here including a number of new entries from this year.