Wanting a trades recommendation? Read on…

So with the hall work all finished we wanted to say thank you to and name check the companies we have had working on the renovation. As well as the grant money we received benefiting the community through the revamped hall, we wanted to make sure it benefited local companies by awarding contracts as locally as we could (we still tendered). That was a decision that paid off as without fail the firms used have been professional, worked to tight deadlines, delivered excellent quality and above all the guys working on the job have been polite and helpful. we would highly recommend the following:

Eles Building http://www.elesbuilding.co.uk/ did the bulk of the renovation work and provided an all trades service. One of the directors lives in the village and the other nearby.

James Normand and Son did the windows http://jamesnormandjoiners.co.uk/Based in Perth, the family are involved in their own local village hall and have a deserved reputation for bespoke architectural joinery.

Renaissance on Back Dykes did the curtains in about half the time they really needed and also were very generous to us – 01738 850806

Ally Mallinson on Back Dykes does the hall maintenance and did the finishing touches for us – 01738 850562

DJS Painter & Decorators did most of the painting – 0788 523 7334

D Peebles Electrical did the rewiring and electric work – 01738 447591

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