2015 Hill Race Results!

2015 HILL RACE RESULTS! <insert drum roll>….

hill race image

1st Stuart Pringle. 17m 24s
2nd Keir Allen. 17m 32s
3rd Stewart Reid. 19m 10s

1st Anne McElnea. 22m 27s
2nd Carol Cadger. 24m 50s
3rd Kirsty Gould. 25m 51s

Girls Under 16:
1st Ella McElnea 21m 58s  *NEW RECORD*
2nd Katrina Fyfe 29m 18s
–   Kyomi Sinclair 40.15

Boys Under 16
1st David McCrory 17m 39s *EQUALS RECORD*
2nd Finlay McElnea 21m 02s
– – –

Girls Under 12

1st Hannah Morrison 25m 06s
2nd Naomi Kirk 26m 23s
3rd Skye Stewart 26m 30s

Boys Under 12
1st Saul Robinson 20m 57s
2nd Rory Mair 21m 24s
3rd Max Morrison 21m 49s

Well done to all those who took part, especially to the McElneas and particularly to Ella who took the Girls U16 record this year after taking the U12s last year. David McCrory equalled the record in the Boys U16.

Thanks very much to all of you who marshalled, recorded times, held ribbons and helped out. Thanks especially to Jill Young for organising the volunteers and Colin Morrison for running the event.

You can see the best known times for previous years here.

Same time next year everyone?

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